Happy Cinci de Mayo!  Another slow one last night on the farm as Buffalo and Savannah had the night off.   Erie 9, Binghamton 3               Robbie Carson kept the B-Met sin the game, allowing 2 runs in 6 innings, but the wheels came off for Edgar Ramirez in the 7th.  A combination of home runs, errors, and wild pitchers allowed the Sea Wolves to put up a 5 spot, effectively putting the game out of reach.  Roy Merritt also had a rough night, giving up two runs on four hits in an innings.  Brahaim Moldonado had a two run homer, but the b-Mets scattered most of their seven hits.Bradenton 5, St. Lucie 2               Whatevs.  Let’s just get to what everyone wants to talk about.  Matt Harvey rebounded from being mauled by the Marauders his last time out.    His final line for the night was like so: 6.1 IP, 1 hit (!)  runs, 2 BB, 9 K’s.  Part of what teams look for in a player in the minors is how he deals with adversity.  Harvey really showed an impressive ability to bounce back here.  So far, his professional career could not have gotten off to a better start (yes, that includes getting bombed last time out).               Rhiner Cruz relieved Harvey and was rewarded with five unearned runs, including 2B Rylan Sandoval doing his best Luis Castillo.  In what’s becoming a disturbing system-wide trend, the PSL Mets only had three hits.  One of them was a triple by Angel Pagan, who later scored.