So I’m at the Cyclones game last night, sitting where my parents have season tickets - which happen to be three rows behind home plate.  My wife is sitting to my left, and a friend is sitting to my right.  The family has had these seats since the Cyclones inaugural season (my brother was the ticket director for the first year) and since we are so near to the screen, I’ve never seen a foul ball some much as come close to us in that time.  Did I mention this game was on SNY?  And that the seats are visible from the CF camera?  Well, of course, a foul ball gets popped up right over the screen, stalls right above my friend, and plummets to Earth.  I am faced forward (naturally) and turn to my right to follow the ball.  As it comes down, it slices, toward me….then keeps going….  I twist completely around as it sails behind me (I am now facing RF), reach back and hear a THWAP.  Right off my wife’s left should.  It should be noted that she attempted to field the ball by going into full on ‘turtle in shell mode’.  As a matter of policy, two EMT’s come down and give her an ice pack, do some paperwork (‘sign here to indicate you do not wish to go to a hospital’) and take vitals.  Now remember when I said this was on TV?  My parents begin calling an leaving voice mails, and I can’t really pick up when I am helping her hold an ice pack while talking to a pair of medical professionals.  In their messages they first are wondering who got hurt (they know everyone in that section), then realizing it was their daughter-in-law, then demanding to know why I didn’t do more to catch the ball and protect her.  All this going down on regional television.  I give up…let’s just check out the scores….. Altoona 3, Binghamton 2Dustin Martin singled in Eric Campbell in the top of the eight to break a 1-1 tie, and it looked like the B-Mets were going to hang on for the win.  However, Adrian Rosario allowed a one out, two run single in the bottom of the ninth to give the Curve the win.  Darrin Gorski kept Binghamton in it, going six innings while allowing just one run on five hits (including a solo homer) with three walks and two strikeouts.  Brad Holt even got in on the action, tossing two scoreless. St Lucie 4, Bradenton 1Yohan Almonte scattered five hits and a walk in six innings while striking out three.  Taylor Whitenton and Adam Kolarek (who got the save) shutout the Marauders the rest of the way.  Zach Lutz looks like he’s feeling better, going 1 for 5 with two RBI.  Cory Vaughn, TJ Rivera (one RBI) and Rylan Sandoval (one RBI) each had two hits. Jamestown 5, Brooklyn 2And of course the Cyclones lost the game in the end.  Phillip Evans knocked in two runs with a single in the bottom of the sixth to give Brooklyn a 2-1 lead, but Matthew Bowman gave up two in the eighth, and the Jammers slapped around Timothy Peterson to the tune of two runs in the ninth to put it away.  Brandon Nimmo went 1 for 2 with a run scored, but the Cyclone offense missed several opportunities to cash in, and it cost them in the end. Pulaski 7, Kingsport 6I’m beginning to get morbidly fascinated by the potential ways the K-Mets can find to lose games.  This time they got a great start from Steve Matz (STEVEMATZ!) who went six scoreless giving up just one hit and two walks while striking out six.  He left with a 6-0 lead.  And then turned the ball over to poor Corey Oswalt, who gave up seven runs in a third of an inning.  What are the longer odds?  Blowing a six run lead by giving up seven in the seventh?  Or having a Rookie A lineup hit four home runs (a huge output for that level) and still lose?  Eris Peguero, Jeckoyl de Leon, and Northeastern University’s own Jonathan Leroux all had solo homers, and Makias De La Cruz added a two run shot.