In the regular season, the Sand Gnats were 50-22.  They needed to win two of three in Savannah to take the SAL crown.  They were one strike away from doing so Friday night.  Now they will be left to wonder what could have been Greensboro 7, Savannah 3 (Grass Hoppers win series tied 3-2)When Savannah took a 2-0 lead in the third inning after an Alonzo Harris RBI double and a subsequent run scoring single by Darrel Ceciliani, things were looking up.  Then the bottom fell out.  The Grass Hoppers hung a five spot in the fourth and added two more in the fifth, and that was that.  All season long the Sand Gants survived on solid pitching and (by Low A standards) defense, while the bats could do just enough to give them an edge.  All series long, the pitching and defense faltered and the bats struggled to keep up.  Sometimes they did.  Last night they did not.  Angel Cuan and Adam Kolarek were ineffective, and WIlfredo Tovar’s two errors contributed to two unearned runs.  Two wild pitches didn’t help.  It was all too much. You can only ask a team to play out of it’s comfort zone for so long.  I know it is minor league playoffs and we should put a huge stake in these matter, but something that we as Mets fans expect from the team (like it or not) is for them to make an unforced error when they are in the driver’s seat.  At least that is a pervasive feeling since October of 2006.  From poor decision making to playing down to the level of competition.  I’ve noticed something similar in the minors over that time too.  Not with individual prospects, but the teams from level to level have varied between outright poor to very good but unable to seal the deal with things lining up in their favor.  We are at the end of Year One of a new regime.  It is my hope that a killer instinct and the ability to finish off an opponent will begin seeping in throughout the system in the years to come.