In a post today David Lennon outlined his off-season plans for the Mets:Attention Mets: Here is how to solve your problemsHis plan focused on first getting a #1.  Lennon also Twittered today "The Mets are testing the waters on John Lackey."  Next  he agreed with Beltran in the need to gamble slightly on bringing back Carlos Delgado on an incentive based contract.   "He hit 38 homers with 115 RBIs in 2008 despite favoring that degenerative hip condition. Now that it's fixed, Delgado could find his power stroke again - at a fraction of the price of some other sluggers."  LF fill it with someone besides Bay or Holliday unless their price comes down.C "it's usually a position that's difficult to fill through free agency. This year is no exception, with Bengie Molina at the top of a pretty unimpressive list".   Lennon added the following: "Molina should also add some pop - he hit 20 homers in 132 games last season."Finally, get rid of Castillo "Maybe unloading Castillo is a good first step toward placating a restless fan base, and if the Mets can save even a couple bucks on the $12 million they owe him over the next two years, it would be worth it."What do you guys think?   There are some issues I have in it but overall it's not a bad plan and very similar to many of the ones we have discussed on TRDM.   Maybe Lennon has been reading?