The big stories of yesterday’s Opening Day victory over the Marlins were David Wright’s first at-bat dinger, Johan Santana’s solid start, and just the win in general. However, we shouldn’t sell the new Mets short.Jason Bay had his moment in the sun when he hit a leadoff triple in the 6th inning, starting a four-run rally. Certainly Bay’s expected to put up power numbers, but triples? He hit exactly three triples last season, and the most he’s ever hit in a season was 6 in 2005 for the Pirates. Maybe Citi Field will hold a couple of Bay’s deep shots from making it out of the park, but if they end up as triples instead, you won’t see me complaining.Gary Matthews Jr was a nice surprise in yesterday’s affair, going 2 for 3 with a walk and 2 runs scored. I don’t think anyone would have guessed that the guy with the 2009 OPS of .697 would get off to such a hot start, but maybe Matthews has something left in the tank. His defense was questionable, as he seemingly chased his tail on a number of fly balls, but he reeled them all in, which is much more than Cameron Maybin can say.Rod Barajas wasn’t too shabby either, yanking two hits in the game, one a deep double to center field. The two base-runners who stole second while Santana was on the mount (rare to even see one) makes me question Barajas’ defensive ability, but I’ll reserve judgment until some more games are played.Mike Jacobs was the only new Met to stink up the barn. His OH-fer at the plate with 2 strikeouts was about what intelligent fans expected, and hopefully Jerry soon realizes that this guy is no clean-up hitter. I do have to give the man props for his defense though. There were no spectacular plays to be made, but he also made no flubs, unlike his defensive replacement Fernando Tatis (though the error was given to Wright).