matt harveyMuch has been made recently about Matt Harvey off the field. Between his swimsuit model girlfriend, the ESPN Body Issue photo shoot, his appearance with Jimmy Fallon on 'The Late Show' and most recently a "misquoted" feature with 'Men's Journal',' whatever it may be, it seems that everyone has an opinion about what Matt Harvey should be doing with his life off the field.I know some people are not pleased with his constant presence in the tabloids these days, but until it hurts his performance on the field, who cares? Harvey has done nothing but dominate all season long. It doesn't appear that anything fazes him once he is out on that mound, which is exactly what you want to see in a young rising star playing in the media capital of the world. Harvey was angered at the way a 'Men's Journal' feature depicted him a few days ago.It is very likely that quotes were taken out of context, as the reporter probably wanted to make this article as juicy as possible. But that's what reporters do. Harvey probably did make these statements and I'm sure he believed they were being spoken in casual conversations, a mistake he will surely not make again. It makes for a much more interesting read thinking that Harvey is only in it to get paid and date supermodels. And if that is the case, as long as he continues to pitch like this, can you really blame him?Whatever anger Harvey had about the article he took out on the mound against the Phillies yesterday. Harvey threw 7 shutout innings while striking out 10. He is now the first pitcher in Mets history to have 4 starts with double-digit strikeouts and 0 walks in a game. That's a pretty impressive feat. It looked as if Harvey was on a mission as he was in a groove all day. Harvey quickly erased any thoughts that the spotlight might begin to get the best of him as he started the second half right where he left off. He now sits at 8-2 with a 2.23 era on the year.The young ace of the Mets is off to a great start in his career, one of the best in Mets history. Of course with that comes the constant comparisons to other Mets greats Dwight Gooden and Tom Seaver. These comparisons annoy me to no end. These are the type of discussions that should be held off until someone's career is done, when you have a full resume to actually compare to one another. Maybe you’re antsy and can't wait that long, fine, how about we at least wait till the end of a season and compare one season to another? I can live with that at least. I don't need to see Harvey's stats brought up after each start showing his numbers compared to others at this point in his career. Let's have that conversation years down the road.Now, by no means do I want to see Matt Harvey turn into the next ARod, making tabloids for nothing but his off the field lifestyle. But what is so bad about wanting to follow in Derek Jeter's footsteps? Jeter has lived this life for years in the Big Apple, without ever getting himself into trouble. The biggest reason for that is that it never affected his play. If Matt Harvey can continue to perform at this level, I see no reason why he can't continue to enjoy himself off the field. Anyone that says otherwise is just jealous that they aren't living Matt Harvey's life.