I had a mild chuckle when some of the writers called Saturday night's loss "the worst loss of the season."  It's not that I disagree as much as I feel that every week we suffer the worst loss of the season.  

This is a team that hits "rock bottom" and proceeds to descend further.

I wasn't awake for the end of the game, thank goodness, but did see the Keystone Kops routine they pulled in the 3rd inning which turned what should have been a 2-run double into a single, one run scoring, and an out.   In other words Recker knocked a fly off the deep right field wall and the team ended up with sort of a glorified sacrifice fly.

It's pretty natural to cast around for someone to blame when things are going wrong.

Dave Hudgens was busy blaming the fans and Keith Hernandez when he got his pink slip.  Paul LoDuca blames his Mets' exit and other stuff on Omar Minaya.

The Mets owners and front office want to blame the fans for not coming out to the ballpark to watch and support their perenially sub-.500 ballclub that has a payroll in the bottom third of all of baseball.

The great majority of the fans' venom goes to the Wilpon-Wilpon-Katz ownership group.  Certainly I believe that they are the ultimate culprits.  If you can't afford to really own a team then cash your chips, take your profit, and turn it over to someone who can turn this huge market into something profitable - and, oh, by the way, create a winning team and environment.

Then there's Sandy Alderson who is proving that the game has passed him by.  Perhaps he'd be doing great things with a $140+ million payroll.  But given the plethora of exceedingly bad players he has brought in it's possible that he'd just be presiding over an extension of the Minaya administration.  Maybe with fewer Hispanic players but not necessarily with  more victories.

Down the ladder a rung is Alderson's chosen skipper, Terry Collins.  As I have written here before I don't believe managers make a huge difference.  But I do believe they make some difference.  Collins admittedly is playing a weak hand.  His offense is laughable, defense is subpar, and his bullpen depends too often on players best suited for AAA.
But even so I think more wins could be squeezed out of his charges if he did things differently.  His love affair with Eric Young Jr. still boggles my mind.   Lagares had to sit so that this bum could play?  Yeesh.

I could go on and on about the Chris Young signing too.  And then there's Granderson and his constant flailing against lefty pitching.  Scott Rice, Dana Eveland  - really?   d'Arnaud earns himself a demotion to the minors and the best the team can bring up is Taylor "I can't hit a lick" Teagarden.

Most Mets fans are like me and are inclined to say (to quote the movie "Network"):  I'M MAD AS HELL AND WON'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

But, of course, we will.  What's the alternative:  watch soccer or root for the Yankees?    Double byeecchhhh.



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