Will the Boston Red Sox fire Terry Francona?Will the Braves fire Fredie Gonzalez?Will the players for these teams, that were sure shoe in's for the playoffs, be traded or released in the off season?  Who will take the hit when the dust settles and the reality hits that both these teams were actually in the lead at one point in each of their final games and BLEW IT! There's got to be someone to blame, right?Wow, I watched both games last night.  It was an example of a major choke job.   Atlanta got beat by a team that really isn't playing for anything and Boston, well, they faced a team that really had their number the whole year.  What a shame!  What a shame!Wait a second!  I know why these teams lost their last games, the other teams really hate them.  Yea, that's it.  Other teams don't really like Atlanta and Boston so they played them harder than usual.  If they were nicer, perhaps, then Philly and Baltimore would've just given away the games.Does that sound familiar to you?  That's what I remember hearing from everyone when the Mets collapsed on the road to the post-season in 2007.  "Nobody really likes the Mets so every team played them extra hard."  The one thing about records are that they are made to be broken.  Now when FOX puts up the Collapse Chart during the playoffs, the Mets won't be on top.  As a matter of fact, I think what we witnessed this September will go down in baseball lore as the great Double Choke.I really felt bad for those Atlanta Fans, at least the ones who went to the game.  Could you imagine, they couldn't even sell out their house when their team is playing for a post season spot!  They don't know how good they have it.But seriously, I wonder who will take the hit for these teams MONUNMENTAL COLLAPSES.  You want to see something amazing, come over to my house while I play the smallest violin for the Atlanta Braves and the Boston Red Sox.  Did you see Chipper's face in the dugout?  Priceless!I guess you can tell by the tone of this post that I have no sympathy for these teams what-so-ever.  I do like the Red Sox, only because they give the Yankees fits.  But the Atlanta Braves?  The only thing that would've been better would be to watch the Phillies collapse as well.  In time perhaps, in time.The Mets took a lot of criticism when they had their epic collapse in 2007.  Besides the comments from every major broadcaster in the country, they were also the punch-line for a sure fire laugh.  It trailed them for years and eventually led them to what we have today, a sub .500 team made by a GM with open wallet and bad press conference skills.Things are looking up but we as Met fans know just how long and hard that wait could be.Now it's time to see how these other teams handle it. I want to to see how Theo Epstien and Frank Wren field the awkward questions about their team and their own jobs while their teams clean out their lockers and head to what is sure to be the longest winter of their lives.Been there and done that.Now it's your turn.  Have fun!