Jeff WilponCOO, New York Mets    Mr Wilpon,                       My name is Michael Mattone.   I am a 24 year old lifelong Mets fan from Franklin Square, New York, who currently works in the financial district in Manhattan.   Today, I witnessed droves and droves of Yankee fans packing the streets in preparation of their World Series victory parade.   It is safe to say that today I have never been more disgusted to be a Mets fan in my life.   I can only imagine how disgusted others feel; however, older fans have at least witnessed a Mets World Series victory.   I was a one-year old in 1986, and have zero recollection of the Mets win.   Throughout my childhood, I sat in Shea Stadium watching Bonilla, Saberhagen, Hundley, and the rest of the Mets bask in futility.   As a teenager, I came alive as Piazza, Leiter, Bobby V, and the Mets climbed up the ladder and became a blue-collar winner, representing the heart of New York City and Mets nation.   Unfortunately, in 2000, the Mets fell short, but I was proud to be a fan, and knew the good years were ahead.   As the Mets began to dwindle back to mediocrity, I still held out hope that our new young core of Wright and Reyes, coupled with Beltran and other big time free agents, would make a run at a championship.   Then came 2006.   I was in college.   Day after day, I lined my dorm walls with newspaper covers of the Mets success.   This was the year.   This was the team, the time.   October, 2006, would be the best month of my life.   Finally, a championship I could enjoy and celebrate.   A parade I could attend.   A victory I would remember forever.   One Aaron Heilman meatball and one Adam Wainwright curve ball later, I slowly peeled the newspaper covers off the walls, and waited for 2007.   After 2007 and 2008, the two worst Septembers of my life, 2009 brought again a glimmer of hope.   We had all of our horses coming back on offense and our starting pitching, and we brought in two front-line closers to strengthen our bullpen.   After what I saw this year, with this team, and the success of other teams around us (Yankees, Phillies), I must say that what the Mets have in place is the WORST collection of management and talent since I was born.   The fact that the 2009 Mets had the same results as the Mets of the early 90’s is pitiful, considering the changes to payroll, the new stadium, and the supposed commitment to excellence that the New York Mets have sold to their fans for the past decade.   Myself, and every other Met fan in this city, and all over the country and world, DEMAND CHANGE.   There is no plan in place form baseball operations and general management.   The team is in disarray, the farm system is barren, and the coaching staff is a collection of bumbling fools and has-beens.   We have seven Major League caliber players on our 25 man roster, and two (Santana, Reyes) are coming off surgery in the off-season.   The other five are coming off injuries (Beltran, Francoeur), and terrible years by their standards (Wright, K-Rod, Pelfrey).   We continue to not go over-slot to get the best draft prospects, continue to give bloated contracts to under-performing players, and fail to develop ANY semblance of homegrown talent in the last four years, save for Big Pelf, who under Dan Warthen’s tutelage, is turning into the next first round failure.   Mr. Wilpon, I implore you, as a fan of your team, as a paying customer, to FIX THIS MESS.   Find the manpower and the funds necessary to bring the Mets back to where they belong.   Commit to excellence.   STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!!!!   We are raised as a society to take adversity head on when it slaps us in the face, yet this franchise continues to crumble every time they feel an ounce of pressure!!   BRING IN MEN who are true ballplayers; guys who will work harder than anyone else, and will themselves to win when losing is the easy way out.   Bring in LEADERS to coach this team, guys who have been there before, won championships, can right the wrongs of your team.   The product you have put out for the paying customers is completely inadequate.   Nobody wants to visit a new stadium that fails to embrace Met history, and at the same time fails to display a bright future for the Mets (especially for the prices you charge).   Consider this letter to be a warning from not only me, but ALL Met fans.   As much as Yankee fans can gather to celebrate, Met fans will gather tenfold to DEMAND CHANGE!   Thank you for your time, Mr. Wilpon, I hope this message shows you what your fans, your customers, are truly feeling right now, and I pray that you do everything in your power to make the next mass gathering of fans on Broadway a sea of blue and orange, with proud fans waving Met flags, honoring their heroes.   You don’t want to see a mass gathering of Met fans anywhere else.   Trust me.      Michael Mattone