Andy Martino of the New York Daily News has some good quotes from Mets Paul DePodesta regarding Mets prospect Rafael Montero. DePodesta praises Montero saying,
“He has really advanced command, and an advanced feel for how to use the weapons he has, and that continued in Double-A,” DePodesta says. “I don’t think he cares who is in the box. I think he does a very good job of reading the swings and understanding what he needs to do to get a hitter out.
Regarding Montero possibly skipping AAA all together DePodesta says,
“It all depends on the individual,” DePodesta says. “There are guys who can make that jump from Double A to the big leagues with little or no time at Triple-A, and there are guys who need some or even significant time at Triple-A.”
Early signs suggest Montero might be one of those individuals that can make the jump.It's a good read with many more quotes. To read the entire article click here.