I admit not being a regular reader of "Faith and Fear in Flushing" but I have long been aware of their reputation of writing some insightful posts. I happened to catch a recent post by Greg Prince that touches on the ability or lack thereof of control there can be with the information that makes it's way into public light. For me there was one paragraph that I most enjoyed where Greg writes,
As a consumer of baseball news as well as a citizen of the United States of America, I appreciate openness and honesty from those in charge of the institutions we cherish. As a Mets fan, I mostly care about having a good team, and if I need to be purposely misled so we could wake up with Giancarlo Stanton batting cleanup, well, to borrow a phrase a former co-worker enjoyed attributing to an executive neither of us liked, “lie to me — tell I’m beautiful!”
If you have yet to read it in it's entirety I highly recommend it. - Link