Brian Joura over at Mets360 has an interesting list of things should try the rest of the year.10. Release Jason BayWe have a better chance of seeing gas selling for less than a dollar than we do of Bay rebounding to 2009 levels. Give up the ghost, accept reality and DFA him already.9. Call up Matt Den Dekker and have him play CF every day.He’s not on the 40-man, doesn’t have to be added this winter and he’s hitting .204 in Triple-A. He also has a .253 BABIP in Buffalo, a .190 ISO and is supposed to be a top-notch defender in center field. Play him every day, tell him it’s okay if he goes 0-30 as long as he catches every ball that lands fair and see what we have.8. Institute a 6-man rotationStop worrying about how extra innings are going to affect the old pitchers coming off shoulder surgery and reinstall Jeremy Hefner into the rotation. Wasn’t it just last week when everyone was saying how Jonathon Niese pitched better with extra rest? Here’s how you get that for him.Head on over to Mets360 for the rest. - Link