'Zero' chance Mets release Bay this offseason: sourceWell here we go again with fluff.  I am not sure what to think of this.  The Mets are still hurting for rmoney and there's no one giving ten cent for Jason Bay.  Are they really thinking of bringing Bay back, possibly as a platoon partner for Lucas Duda? Or is this just lip service to the fact that they can't just come out and say we will either trade or release Jason Bay, he's finished?One thing that I continue to bring up is that Jason Bay is known to be a model citizen, hard worker and great clubhouse guy. That buys you a long time, but how long?“I don’t think there’s a role they are going to put me in that they haven’t already seen, is there?” Bay said. “You’re talking about Oliver Perez shows up, they try to make him a lefty specialist. I’ve played every day. I’ve not played every day. I don’t know. I’ll do whatever I can.”I guess I am a little confused by the Perez comment and would have to see that in context but is there still a role for Bay? Is it possible that his demeanor would allow him to become the 5th OF and a platoon partner if needed? He doesn't seem to be a clubhouse distraction, only a fan distraction. We always need one to blame the ill fate of the world against. Heilman, Pelfrey, Looper, Castillo, Perez... the list goes on and on. Here's the question though, if you cut Bay where does that arrow point to next? Thole if you are back, your days may be numbered for sure.Whatever the Mets decide, I hope they are able to rise above fan opinion. I have seen the comment throw the fans a bone many times lately. I have no desire for the Mets to act based on fan opinion anymore. That's what got us in this mess. Do what is right for the team long-term. Get the team back on stable footing and then worry about getting fans in. As the Marlins can tell you, you can't just go from last to first by throwing money at a mess and trying to please the fans.