Trade Liriano? It isn't just crazy talk

So lets play along and assume this is true.  Why not, gives us something to talk about besides Madoff.  Liriano had a very good rebound season after a disastrous 2009.   Posting a 4.6 WAR this season to go along with a 3.62 ERA and a 1.26 WHIP.  What was also remarkable was his near 3.5 SO/BB ratio posting a K/9 of 9.4.So why are the Twins looking to trade the young, under-priced Liriano?  As Christensen suggest it appears the Twins still feel he is an injury risk.  He does rely heavily on his slider which can add extra strain to an arm that has already a couple of years removed from Tommy John.Liriano still has this season and next under arbitration.  He settled for 4.3M this season and baring a CY Young season should be between 6-8M tops for 2012.   This has to be inviting to Sandy.  Making the transition to Citi and the NL should give him a slight boost, even though the Twins new home seemed to squash offense at a high rate as well.  However, with his injury history how much would you trade for him if you were the Mets?