trdmbThings have been busy lately but I wanted to let you guys in on a few things that have been added and remind you of some other features.First of all don't forget the Follow TRDMB link in the menu bar.   This has a link to our own widget that you can put on any site including your Facebook site.   It also includes links to our Twitter and Facebook pages.Next, you may have noticed a few new things at the end of each post.   We are now aligned with Ballhype.   Please click on the "Hype it up" if you like one of our stories as it will bring more attention to the blog.   Ballhype is also a great source for other sports blogs.There is also a similar link you can click on for   Again, if you like a story, click on the "Digg This Story" link. has 1,000's of blogs from entertainment, news, sports.....Above that there is now a new "Share/Save" link.   This allows you to share and save any story to many different sites including facebook and delicious.Lastly, there is a "Sphere: Related Content".   Check this one out, when you click it, it will pull up similar stories from other blogs.   It has a bug for IE users but I am working on it.Also, as I will occasionally do, I am going to leave the comment section open on this post for feedback on the site.   Please comment on things you like, don't like, want to see less of, more of, just good ole constructive criticisim.   Remember this blog's motto is 'By the Fans for the Fans".   This site is as much yours as it is any of the authors.   The only way it becomes a success is by your continued support.   Please help us get the word out on what I think is becoming one of the best Mets sites on the net.Thanks, Eric King(TRS86)