Pack your bags Luis, your moving out!   That's right, box up your dvd collection, get the plasma off the wall, and rent one of those PODS to pack, because sooner or later, your moving.     It seems that Castillo is the only Met getting any type of action these days.   He is becoming the Ron Jeremy of three way trades.Luis Castillo is getting a bad rap. You know  what he is?   Luis Castillo is a victim of a real bad contract.    Omar Minaya, for a moment or two, overestimated Castillo's value and gave him too much money for too many years and now Castillo takes the hit and the Mets are on the hook.    The next three way trade  might  include Lupus from the Bad  New Bears or Stilwell Angel  from A  League of  Their Own.    The comical  aspect of that last sentence is that  I know that a lot of Met fans might see that as an upgrade- and to be honest, so  would I.   I'll  tell you one thing, I'd rather have Castillo to trade than Milton Bradley- Now there's a guy who the Cubs might trade for someone's batboy.  The one thing I will say about Castillo is that I do admire the fact that he really committed himself to the 2009 season and really bounced back offensivly.   It's been done before but I still like to see it happen, even to a overpaid player like Castillo.   If only  his defense matched his offense for if it did, perhaps we are discussing the gem we have a second base instead of the  player that can't seem to cover it.I just  hope that Castillo wrote down everything  he did for that  comeback in a notebook and leaves it by Oliver Perez's locker.So maybe we can get a little more out of another overpaid player.