How does he keep his job? The world may never know!Today I’m taking a look at what Omar must do to keep his job! I honestly believe that Omar’s job is not in jeopardy this offseason (barring a new media fiasco), so the focus of this piece will be what he’ll have to do to keep his job through the 2010 season.We love to bust on Omar, but in all honesty, his trade and free agent history is fairly solid. There have been some major let-downs (Colon trade while with the Expos, Castillo and Perez with the Mets), but most of Omar’s big signings and trades turned out pretty, pretty, pretty good.I could dig much much deeper into all the trades and signings, but it’s simpler to look at the big picture. After a successful 2006 campaign where the Mets almost made it to the World Series, the next three seasons have been disasters. But after 2008, the Wilpons didn’t seem to care about two collapses in a row, and signed Omar to an extension. Omar built a competitive team, but not one good enough to consistently make the playoffs – so what else was going through the mind of the Mets’ owners? I’ll tell you with a few shift-4’s: $$$. Omar brought the Mets back into relevancy and ticket sales have shown such, which put lots of money into the Wilpon family’s pockets.To keep his job, Omar must continue to funnel into the Wilpon’s bank account. To do so, he doesn’t necessarily need to create a winning team, but needs to give the fans the perception of a competitive team. And this is where Omar excels. He knows how to plug holes and make a team look incredibly solid, but as soon as one thing goes wrong during the regular season the team falls apart. By then though, tons of tickets and merchandise have already been sold, and the Wilpons are winners…even if the Mets aren’t. Though this can only last for so long, before fans catch on, and we’ve begun to do just that, but is it enough yet?A new GM could potentially make the team better, and bring in more money, but it’s a gamble. It’s a gamble for a family that recently lost hundreds of millions of dollars in a huge scandal. Would you make that gamble? I’m not even sure I would.So what should we look for next season? Here’s my Prismoprediction for you: if the Mets make the playoffs, Omar stays (duh). If they miss the playoffs, the next indicator is ticket sales*. If ticket sales stay the same, Omar keeps his job for another season, but if they’re down…he’s out. It’s a tough pill to swallow to think that the team could miss the playoffs again and Omar would keep his job, but it’s a viable possibility. Gulp.*Omar will get a pass regarding the drop in ticket sales this season due to injuries to the team - next season is the true indicator