santosOur next player in our Make it or Break it series is Mr. Santos.   Omir has had a very interesting year in 2009.   He has given us some of the few big moments of the season.   However, all of us know that his current overall stats  are not what we have grown accustomed to at Catcher.   For years we have been spoiled with above league average production from catcher but the last two years have left us jealous of previous days.     Added to this discussion is the fact that the Mets have many holes to fill or decisions to make if you are an optimist like me.Lets take a look at this a little backwards here.   If not Santos who?   Thole has shown great promise, but do we really want to put that much pressure on him this season?   Many have mentioned Molina but offensively besides HR he offers nothing more.   In fact Molina is having a terrible year by his standards at a terrible time for him and his team.   His OPS sits at .725 and of course is driven all by SLG.   Some have mentioned Russell Martin in a trade.    Martin actually trails Santos in many offensive catagories   and will cost top prospects.   Other names that may be available including Ramon Hernandez and Josh Bard have also had similar or  worse years statistically.   Your FA class at catcher includes Bard, Blanco, Castro, Hernandez (option), Kendall, LaRue, B. Molina, J. Molina, Olivo (3.3M option, most likely will be picked up considering the cost of FA catching.), Redmon, Schneider, Torrealba, Vtek,  and Pudge.   Out of those  with 250 ABs or more only Molina (.725), Pudge (.680), Hernandez (.685)  and Olivo (.769)  have higher OPS than Santos (.679).Lets dig a little deeper into these numbers, as of the end of last week.
  • 7th in the NL Krate with McCann, Martin, Montero, Bard, Soto, Baker, Iannetta all having a higher Krate.
  • 6thin BA with B. Molina, Marin, Ruiz, Hernandez, Kendall, Bard, Iannetta, Soto all behind him.
  • 7th in SLG with Y. Molina, Hernandez, Bard, Hanigan, Martin, Kendall behind him.
  • 2nd in Line Drive percentage  at 22.9 percent.
  • SANTOS IS 28 YEARS OLD.   Pudge 38, B. Molina 35, Olivo 31, Bard 31, J. Molina 34, Blanco38, Castro 33, Hernandez 33, Kendall 35, LaRue35, Redmond 38, Torrealba 31,  Vtek 106.
Also to be factored into this discussion for the Mets you have to consider cash.   Although I firmly believe the Mets will NOT cut payroll, cash is still a premium factor.   Santos made league minimum this year as he was signed to a minor league contract and will have only slightly more than 1 year in service time so he will make the same next year.   Can you see any on that list that would be better than Santos andsign for league minimum?   Don't think so.   If you want to invest some money, how much?   B. Molina will most likely be searching for at least a 2 year deal for around 6M a year.   Hernandez if his option is not picked up would also be searching for similar money.     Olivo if he his the market could command at least that much per year.I think the Mets best option is to see if Olivo would be available, if not then pursue one of these names or find a the LH version of Santos (a cast off) and bide their time for one more year.   This would allow them to get close to league average production and groom Thole for the position in 2011.   Thoughts?