Today another ill-timed column just to generate clicks came from the finger tips of Adam Rubin.  I suppose the reader has grown tired of the 100 post per minute that saturate the Mets blogosphere  about the chances of re-signing Reyes.  Now the in-vogue topic seems to be how the Mets should regardless of the Reyes situation trade the face of the franchise David Wright.  Obviously to all his talent has diminished and is no longer worth his salary on a Mets team in need of starting from the ground up.As our very own first lady of TRDM, Metsfan4decades,  pointed out David Wright was still the 4th ranked 3B according to WAR, but that is not what this post is about.This post is about using common sense and maximizing the value of the Mets as a whole, treating every player as an asset whose ultimate purpose is to help the Mets win while providing a marketable product.   I would venture to say that is EXACTLY what the Mets are paying Sandy to do.  As we have heard countless times, be the adult in the room.  As a adult looking at the situation, Sandy will not be persuaded by the whims of the fans who want to sign Reyes at whatever cost or trade Wright for salary relief.Back to Wright.  In order to consider trading Wright you have to look at what his value is.  As the 4th ranked 3B he would certainly have value as many contenders would be looking to add offense to 3B.  However, he is paid well for that value.  Looking at his contract status gives a lot of clarity to when the Mets might look to move the face of the franchise if indeed they choose that path.07:$1M, 08:$5M, 09:$7.5M, 10:$10M, 11:$14M, 12:$15M,13:$16M club option ($1M buyout) (from Cot's Contracts)The world knows that David's 2013 option only applies to the Mets, if traded the option becomes void.   Thus this off-season if the Mets traded Wright the new team would net only one season and most likely 2 draft picks (assuming he can be offered arbitration, I have not read otherwise).   Of course Wright is coming off his worst season of his career.  Thoughts of a team trading multiple top prospects for Wright during the off-season are just plain foolish.  Not only are those types of trades now rare, but can you think of a player traded during the off-season for multiple top 10 players for a 1 year rental coming off his worst season?So when can the Mets maximize the value of David Wright?  Certainly if David comes out next season on fire and rebounds due to the new dimensions of Citifield his value will be just as high in July as it is right now.  Here's another thought, what is the ultimate goal here?  For the Mets to maximize his value.  Why not wait until the summer of 2013?  Most Mets fans, even cynical at worst, think the Mets have a shot of contending in 2013.  Why not see if that is true by hanging on to the best 3B you can obtain until the last minute?  Worst case senario is after netting another 2 years of David Wright they offer him arbitration that off-season and obtain 2 picks in compensation just as they stand to do with Reyes if he leaves.Thus, just as the Bengals made an incredible move with Carson Palmer by waiting to be bowled over the Mets are in the same situation but still have a very productive player actually playing for them in the process.  Don't be in such a hurry to trade the best 3B the Mets have suited up in their history just because momentum tells you to do so.