According to Adam Rubin of ESPNNY: Mets' Reyes to bat third this weekendHappy to hear this from Reyes, if if he did not necessarily mean it "I said, 'Whatever is best for the team, I'm going to do it,'" Reyes told "I don't have any problem.""Manuel intends to put Reyes in the No. 3 slot, directly ahead of Bay. The hope is Bay will see more fastballs with a steal threat in front of him and therefore have more success at the plate."As well documented on TRDM, I like the move.   To me Reyes has a chance to blossom as a #3 hitter and this lineup needs depth.   So I am anxious to see how Manuel messes it up because to me it seems easy. Pagan, Castillo, Reyes, Bay, Wright, Davis, Frenchy, Barajas