According to Jon Heyman's Twitter feed: "purse strings opening for Omar? #mets are talking to lackey, holliday and bay with renewed hopes to sign 1 of big 3. molina also."Dang, can't shake the Molina rumors can we.   Omar goes to take a crap, Mets will sign Molina.   Omar talks to Holliday with Molina in the room.   Molina Mets will Molina a Molina with Lackey while they are still looking at Molina.But back to the more important 3.   I think in my mind it's been clear that Omar really wants to sign one of the big 3.   For if nothing else to bring press and excitement back to the Mets.   Lets hope that he gets the best deal for the Mets for next year and long-term.UPDATE: According to Ed Price on Twitter: #Mets feel they are in contention for Jason Bay. Like #RedSox, if they miss out on Bay, not keen on Matt Holliday instead.Problem I have is determining if this is a marketing ploy to get Holliday for cheaper or if they actually want Bay.   I also need to find out who the hell Ed Price is and why I am following him on Twitter.