Rumor here rumor there rumor everywhere.   It seems like this year with Twitter accounts and every reporter having a blog that I can't keep up with how many rumors there out there.       One rumor comes out at 8am and says Mets are not interested in Lackey next one comes out and says Mets are hot for Lackey.That being said if you believe the rumors it seems as though the markets for Holliday and Lackey are closing by the day.   Today there are rumors that Cards will not give Holliday a big contract.   Also there are rumors that the Dodgers and Redsox are out for Lackey.What does this mean for the Mets?   I have no clue anymore.   Maybe they can afford both players because the market shrinks or maybe both players could end up getting taken by the Yankees for 200 million.   Just something to think about.