Please scroll through the site to read all the other opinions on this, as mine is not the only one (nor is it unique). Paul speaks way more about Harvey, and goes way in-depth.I have on many occasions defended the current front office, and am a very big fan of the work they have done so far towards restoring this franchise. I have lauded them for their patience, and their willingness to take the necessary steps to replenish the Mets' depleted farm system.In the case of Matt Harvey however, not promoting him at this point is pure stubbornness. Yes, I get it, ideally we want to make sure he is fully developed before he is called up, so that he can stay for good.Rarely is the world ideal.In Dillon Gee, the Mets are not only losing a member of the starting rotation, but an extremely valuable one at that. According to Fangraphs WAR (Wins Above Replacement), Dillon has been worth 1.6 wins, tied for second on the staff with Johan Santana. His xFIP (expected Fielding Independent Pitching) is second on the staff as well, sitting at 3.50.This ain't no Mike Pelfrey we're losing, this is the guy who has been the second best pitcher on the staff this year. The Mets can not afford to hand over his spot to Miguel Batista, owner of the 30/24 K/BB ratio. Sandy and Co. must replace Gee with a pitcher that can pitch at a higher level than Batista (the pitcher who owns a WAR of -0.2)."But Spencer, Matt Harvey isn't fully developed! What happens when he turns into the next Mike Pelfrey/Phil Humber/The Majority Of Pitching Prospects To Ever Pitch In The Majors?"Harvey has pitched 98.1 innings this year for Buffalo, to the tune of a 3.39 ERA and 3.45 FIP. His 9.34 K/9 is excellent, and his 3.84 BB/9 is what is holding back his FIP from being truly great. Looking closer into his recent starts however, shows a drastic improvement in his ability to limit walks. Since walking five batters on 6/3 (his season high), he has not walked more than two batters in a game. Furthermore, his strikeout totals have gone as follows: 3, 10, 7, 6, 9, and 6.Most recently, in the Triple-A All Star Game we saw Harvey face seven batters, retiring six of them and striking out two. On one of his strikeouts he commanded an off-speed pitch, from the stretch, with a runner in scoring position. Although that is obviously a small sample-size, Harvey has proven over a larger sample to be MLB-ready. There is no higher level of competition in the Minors than a Triple-A All Star Game.The defense rests its case, Your Honor.