Watching last night's win I got to thinking about a couple of things.  First as they were celebrating I was thinking why are you celebrating a game that does not matter.  Then another thought crossed my mind.  These games do matter to the individual just as they still matter to me.Tell Ruben Tejada who has had a terrible year with the bat that going 3/4 with the last hit being a well hit game winning uh... double that his hit does not matter.  A guy who could be fighting for a position on the MLB team next season.Tell Luis Castillo, the "pouting 2B who can't run anymore and only cares about money" that his hustle around the bases after coming in as a pinch runner does not matter.  Think about this, the guy that Slappy was benched for at the plate and Castillo enters as a pinch runner at 1B representing the winning run.  While Tejada's ball was well hit, the way that McSingleton is described you would think he would dog it, not care about the win and be on 3rd base after Tejada's hit.  Instead, if you watch the replay, Castillo read the hit right off the bat and busted his ass the entire way sliding in well before the ball arrived but only because of a poor throw.These guys may not have the talent of other teams, the confidence of other teams but I will say this.  What I saw last night was a team that believed these games matter.