Boom or Bust? Trade Mejia for Lee.Matthew (what happened to just Matt?) Cerrone asks, "Would you trade Mejia in a deal to get Lee?"According to Dave Cameron at, Cliff Lee's trade value is:
If you’re a GM shopping for Cliff Lee this summer, that looks to be the price – $15 to $20 million worth of value, which translates into one high quality prospect and a few fillers.
Mejia does fit that high quality prospect role but could the Mets get Lee for Mejia and a few fillers?Dave Cameron also moonlights as the British Prime MinisterOn U.S.S. Mariner, Dave Cameron also took a stab at where Lee might end up:
So, really, I see two teams that make sense on most levels – the Mets and the Twins.
The Mets have the glaring need, with only three big league starters on their roster and a GM whose job is almost certainly on the line. Omar Minaya has shown a willingness to give up a bushel of prospects for an arm he believes could put him over the top, as he did when he traded Lee (along with Grady Sizemore and Brandon Phillips) to Cleveland for Bartolo Colon. The Mets have spent a lot of money to try and win, and yet, they are one starting pitcher short of being a legitimate contender. Lee would give them a real chance at grabbing the NL East title and playing well in October. And in Jenrry Mejia, they have the kind of dynamic young pitching prospect who the Mariners would see as a valuable long term piece who could also potentially be part of the 2011 rotation. The Mets could put together a strong offer for Lee built around Mejia. There’s a potential deal to be made there.
Okay, so Mejia and a few fillers might get it done, though Cameron likes a deal with the Twins more. Assuming Mejia and a few fillers can get it done, is there anyone else available that could help the Mets?How does Broadway Roy sound?Buster Olney at thinks the Mets will have many options including Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee, Jake Westbrook,   Ben Sheets and Fausto Carmona:
But no matter whom they target, it appears that the Mets -- one of the few buyers in a buyers' market -- are going to get somebody good.
Also, don't forget about Cuban defector Yuniesky Maya who is free to sign with a major league club.Finally, friend of the blog, Joe D of Mets Merized Online makes the argument for trading Jon Niese for Cliff Lee:
Would you trade Jon Niese for Cliff Lee to increase the Mets odds of winning the division, going to the playoffs and having a chance  for a third World Series victory for the Mets?Or do you keep Niese and keep your fingers crossed that Oliver Perez and John Maine return to form and carry the Mets to the post season?I’m leaning toward going after Lee…Mr. One Hitter
So what say you? Should the Mets:Trade for Lee? Who do you give up? If not, then do you trade for Oswalt? Maybe you like some of the other guys Olney mentioned or Maya. Or maybe you want to stand pat and give Ollie and Maine another chance.