So K-Rod is gone leaving a big question mark for a closer.  Jose Reyes, David Wright and Ike Davis are on the DL.  And who comes to town tonight but the last team I want to see....the Phillies.Let's get down the reality.  The Mets are no longer contending for the division.  Right now they are barely hanging on to a Wild Card spot and are currently in a dog fight with the Nationals for THIRD place in the East.  Yea, I know their not waving the "white flag" because Beltran is still on the roster but the writing is on the wall, unless, of course, the Mets make a big run. However, there is a good possibility the Phillies could come in this weekend and wipe up the Mets at home.  The stands could be filled red as Lee could throw a 3 hitter and Halladay could out pitch him the next day.(actually, the Mets are only going to see only Hamels this weekend, Lee is getting extra rest and it's not Halladay's turn in the rotation)But regardless, things could get pretty bleak.... right?Right.However, I'm taking this weekend series with a grain of salt-even if the Mets win.  Simply because in the back of my mind, I know that Sandy is working on the future.  I know that he's trying to move Beltran and get a good prospect. I know he's looking at this team and trying to improve them; He's making me sign a piece of paper now that allows him to build me a contender while I wait...and take abuse from Phillie and Yankee fans.I'll take it.  I'll take it all, knowing all this is happening.  But remember something, as you watch or go to the games this weekend.Don't become a Philly fan.When things are going bad, and we all know how bad they can get, stay a Met fan.  When Bobby Parnell comes in the ninth and coughs up a 3 run lead, stay Met fan.  When the little girl sings the National Anthem and gets the words wrong, cheer her.  When Tejada boots a ball, just try and tolerate him.  When Murphy throws the ball into the stands, just chuckle a bit.  Because you know as well as I that a Philly fan is dying to rub everything that is going wrong with the Mets in their face.But this past week just might show them that things about to change.  Sandy Alderson is not Omar Minaya.  So while the Philly fans are talking trash and vomiting on themselves because they can't hold their beer, smile.Right now, it's the time of Philadelphia...that's cool.  I could accept that.Met fans are patient........really patient.  We know how to conduct ourselves and  we all know exactly how not to act by looking down the turnpike.And we also know that there is change in the air.