According to Brian Costa with the Star-Ledger:
"Minaya told me first base will be "an open competition" between Daniel Murphy and Mike Jacobs. "Murphy is still the pre-camp favorite to win the job, but if he struggles over the next seven weeks and Jacobs impresses, the Mets could alter their thinking."   "He'll compete for the job," Minaya said of Jacobs. "I think it's fair to say that Murphy has proven himself worthy of being considered, but he's going to have to continue. It's an open competition."
So as others have ask, including our:   The Sunday Question , is this open competition at 1B a good thing?   Do Omar and the Mets not trust Murphy, are they playing it safe, or is Jacobs here just to push Murphy?   For someone, or for that matter a team, whose confidence has been pushed to the point of breaking is it a good idea to have them looking over their shoulder?   Time will tell.   For now, lets hope for a great competition.