Not these draft picks sillyThe Mets today announced the signings of 22 of their 49 2009 First-Year Player Draft picks.   Those players and their team assignments below per Gorski (LHP, 7th round, 224 overall, Kingsport)John Freeman (C, 8th, 254 overall, Kingsport)Samuel Honeck (1B, 11th, 334, Brooklyn)Ronald Harris (OF, 14th, 434, Kingsport)Alexander Gregory (OF, 17th, 524, Brooklyn)Cody Holliday (OF, 18th, 554, Kingsport)Joseph August (OF, 20th, 614, Brooklyn)Joseph Bonfe (3B, 21st, 644, Kingsport)Zachary Von Tersch (RHP, 22nd, 674, Kingsport)John Church (RHP, 23rd, 704, Brooklyn)Michael Johnson (RHP, 24th, 734, Brooklyn)Kurt Steinhauer (OF, 27th, 824, Kingsport)Brian Needham (RHP, 28th, 854, Kingsport)ZeErika Hall (OF, 29th, 884, Gulf Coast)Thomas Chism (LHP, 32nd, 974, Kingsport)James Schroeder (3B, 33rd, 1,004, Brooklyn)Wesley Wrenn (RHP, 35th, 1,064, Brooklyn)Lance Hoge (LHP, 36th, 1,094, Brooklyn)Brandon Sage (LHP, 37th, 1,124, Brooklyn)William Cherry (OF, 38th, 1,154, Kingsport)Travis Ozga (1B, 41st, 1,244, Kingsport)Ryan Mollica (2B, 47th, 1,424, Kingsport)Brooklyn's season begins Friday, June 19th at home, while Kingsport gets under way at home on Tuesday, June 23rd.Now batting, Pinocchio