Update (11am) - Jerry Manuel says Ray Ramirez will remain the team's head trainer and he did "everything asked of him" during the season.   ...wait, what!?Gone:Bench Coach Sandy Alomar Sr.First Base Coach Luis AliceaSorry guys, my bad lol!(Alomar   will be offered another position within the organization. )Returning:Hitting Coach Howard JohnsonPitching Coach Dan WarthenBullpen Coach Randy NiemannThird Base Coach Razor Shines looks to stay as a coach on the team, but with a new position.With all the returning managers, it's fair to assume that Manager Jerry Manuel will also be back.I just threw up a little.And by a little I mean gallons and gallons of puke spewing out of my mouth.If anyone's asking why this was announced so early...it's likely to end any "speculation" about the team before it even begins. The Wilpons clearly want to avoid the NY Media as much as possible for the moment. I have to seriously question these moves though. Did they look at the team's record before they decided to bring back almost the entire coaching staff?Ah, sorry...must've all been Luis Alicea's fault.