According to Adam Rubin:"Sandy Alderson suggested Monday that the Mets are unlikely to become sellers at the trading deadline. The GM also implied that while the Mets may no longer become aggressive buyers with 2012 in mind, it does not entirely preclude a trade materializing. "Here comes the lunatic fringe again full force as now Sandy is no longer labeling the Mets as "buyers" due to their poor play.   Of course not.  A lot can change in 9 games.  Had the Mets been able to play slightly above .500 then the situation may be different.  They didn't and now they face the fate of that.  What I don't get is how the front office was supposed to improve the team enough to make up for the loss of 3 SP, an awful and unproductive OF and a failed pen at the trade deadline, while also not losing any of our best prospects.  I guess they really do expect Sandy to be a genius.   Again, he's here to be the adult in the room and I am glad to know he is staying the course.