Box ScoreThe Mets beat the Giants by a score of 2-1 tonight at AT&T Park.I'll be brief because I am exhausted, and this game did not have too much to discuss.This game literally could not have started better for the Mets as Ruben Tejada hit his first HR of the season to start the game. Jonathan Niese decided that would be enough as he would go 7 innings, only allowing a home run to Buster Posey. That has been Niese's downfall all year so at least that was predictable.The Mets would pick up another run on a Jordany Valdespin groundout, but the story was that they ran Matt Cain out of the game by the 5th inning.The 8th inning was a traumatic experience because of both the sleep deprivation and awful managing/umping/luck. Basically the Mets under similar circumstances would have scored multiple runs 99/100 times, but alas, tonight was not the night. Horrible choices to bunt, horrible base-running, horrible situational hitting; I envy those of you that elected sleep over the 8th inning.The bottom of the 8th would be an uncharacteristically stress-free outing by the pen'. Byrdak would retire Gregor Blanco and Jon Rauch would get the next two to send it the game to the ninth.Despite a Fire Time tease, Bobby Parnell would come in to close the 9th.In the top of the 9th however, the Mets would load the bases for Jason Bay. He would hit the hardest ball he has since returning from the DL and it would be caught by Penny, and they would double off Murphy at first base.Parnell would post a 1-2-3 ninth and the Mets would win.