The first four innings went something like this. Dickey and Buehrle (predictably) traded quick, efficient, scoreless innings, and put the game on pace to end somewhere around 7:15 (give or take five minutes).Then in the 5th inning, Omar Infante continued to hit home runs like Babe Ruth, hitting one that, as Howie Rose described it "cleared the Great Wall of Flushing." At this point in the game, Mets fans could only hope that Fred Lewis and Brad Emaus would arrive on time to save us all.However, in the 6th inning, David Wright hit a big home run in so many ways. The go ahead two-run homer not only gave the Mets the lead, but catapulted Wright into the #1 overall spot on the Mets career RBI leader-board. Whether or not you are a proponent of RBIs, that is a big milestone for David, and we can only hope he will achieve many more in a Mets uniform.Our Lord Dickey (more on him below) would pitch another inning before being pulled, the bullpen would take it home (although shakily) from there.  Continue reading for some assorted notes and things of that sort below.Well, on a night when both pitchers had their A-game, RA was able to out-pitch Buehrle, and primarily use his knuckler to do so. Dickey threw 92% of his pitches as knuckle-balls(as opposed to 74% in his last five games) , and really kept this young line-up of hackers in check, when him and Johan are on, it is tough for us to lose those two games in a row.David Wright, the dude is on fire. He is growing as the leader both on and off the field for the team, and although it is SSS and everything, is swinging and missing less, and seemingly coming through every time the team needs him to. His play in the field has appeared to be better, and when you're hot, you're hot. 1-3 with a walk and 2 RBIs ain't bad.Ruben Tejada really flew under the radar tonight, making some really important plays. There was a play in the 7th inning where Dickey went to throw to second and nearly sent it into center field, and not only did Rubes (as I've become fond of calling him) make the catch, but even kept his foot on the base. That inning could have become quite ugly had he not made that play, as Wright made an error on the next play. Tip of my cap to Rubes.The Duda Bides! 12-36 in his last 36 ABs is pretty good, and it looks like he is coming out of that early season swoon. A big RBI hit two nights in a row for him, and he is filling that presence behind David that we have needed oh so badly this season.Lastly, I love Lutz's helmet, double flap is always a winner (unless it's Victorino, then it's stupid).Alright guys that's it, lets get the sweep tomorrow!