The Mets swept the Phillies tonight by a score of 10-6.Box ScoreIn what should have been a nightmare pitching match-up, Dillon Gee held his own against Cliff Lee in the early going. The Phils would grab a run in the second on a Cliff Lee single (sigh...), but Dillon, as he would for most of the night, was able to do some damage control and keep it to just one run.The Mets would respond in the third on a Daniel Murphy RBI double (Yes apparently he can hit things other than singles), to tie the game at one a piece. The game would remain scoreless until the bottom of the fourth, when that annoyingly bad Freddy Galvis-character would come to the plate, and hit the worst RBI ground-out of all time. As someone said in the Real Dirty Dugout "the Phillies are so bad that they can't even groundout hard."In the sixth inning, David Wright would hit another one of his super-clutch game-tying RBI hits, to tie the game at two off of Lee. The Mets had gotten him to his pitch limit after six innings (which we all certainly would have taken pre-game). In the bottom of the inning however, Freddy Galvis, who has been one of the worst hitters in baseball this year, hit a two out double, followed by a Laynce Nix single, and it was 4-2.The Mets, as they have all year, responded in stride. The Good Guys would score three runs in the top of the 7th off of Japanese League pitcher Kyle Kendrick. The runs came on an RBI double from Justin Turner to score Captain Kirk, a HBP on Lucas Duda, and an RBI ground-out off the bat of Andres Torres. The Mets would leave runners on first and third however, which could come back tobite them later in the game.The Mets would avoid the Acostalypse in the bottom of the seventh, as he actually pitched a relatively uneventful inning, round of applause for Manny. No really guys he didn't blow it so enjoy it.The Mets would be able to add some insurance to the lead. In the top of the eighth, CharLOLie ManueLOL would use Kendrick instead of going to the buLOLpen, and David Wright would hit a double (as usual), and wold be knocked in by a Scott Hairston double. The fun wouldn't end there however, as Hunter Pence would drop an easy fly-ball, causing the Mets to have first and second.Yes, new paragraph, mid-inning. My recap haters. IKE DAVIS HIT A HOME RUN AND IT WAS SO FAR AND SO COOL AND SO AWESOME AND SO AMAZING AND SO COOL AND SO AWESOME. Alright moving on.The rest of that half-inning went by uneventfully, but of course the LOLpen has to make us all LOL. Jon Rauch would allow an RBI triple to the very annoying Freddy Galvis. The top of the ninth featured Andres Torres' first Mets home run, a base hit from Murphy (what else is new?) and a ball that was torched by Wright, but couldn't find a gap.DJ Carrasco pitched the bottom of the ninth, notching a strike-out and allowing a run. It was his first appearance of the seasonKeep reading for some broom-tastic notes.Dillon Gee didn't have his A-game tonight, but he was able to pitch through it for the most part and really did well, until that last inning when he was left in a couple batters too long, but overall I tip my cap to you , like a total Gee. He allowed 10 hits, but mitigated that by not walking a batter, and inducing 9 ground-outs and four strikeouts. He threw a pitch that the At-bat Pitch F/X couldn't figure out, but he threw it 51% of the time. It may just have been a fastball, but it is worth checking back in on tomorrow to see what that was.David Wright continues to party like it's 2007, as his WAR total for this year is already where it was for all of last season. He is coming through seemingly whenever the team needs him, and being a leader for the younger players on the team.Ike absolutely murdered that home run ball, if we are talking about partying like it is a certain year, Ike is partying like it is early 2010. A mammoth homer, and a Keith-esque 3-6-3 double-play by him. I'm telling you guys he's going to get hot one of these days, it is inevitable.Rob Johnson did stuff, and didn't really stick out. I guess that's good.Well guys, SWEEEEEEEEEEP. Here are some points of discussion:
  1. Sweep
  2. Could this be a turning point for Ike?
  3. Thoughts on Torres?
  4. Don't give me a specific number, just give me an over or under: 81 wins?
The Mets have tomorrow off, so we can all rejoice in this sweepness.