OK so we all know at this point who Ike Davis is.   He's the guy that was drafted last year, stunk and then  is having  an incredible 2nd year.   .307 BA, .940 OPS in AA.   He has garnered enough attention that there are even some optimist that say he will be ready next year.   We also all know that Murphy has struggled this year and first base remains a hole for the foreseeable future.   Thoughts were either upgrade 1B in the off-season or allow Murphy to hold the position for one more year then Ike would take over.   Well then someone answer me this question, why the hell is Ike now playing RF?   The last two games the starting RF for the Binghamton Mets  has been our hope for 1B.  I do not pretend to have a clue what this means.   I don't know if it is to make him more attractive in a trade, to allow another prospect to play 1B, that the team is committed to Murphy or they have plans to bring in a long-term solution.   Anyone that is more in-touch is welcome to give an idea.