It seems like the Mets beat writers are taking a break (hey, it's been a long season for all of us, but we're still here). So in addition to  Mets in the Papers  I'll be doing a Mets Blogs Round-Up to see what our fellow Mets fanatics are saying.   Without further ado, here's the Mets Blogs Round-Up.Metsblog: Buzz: Mets prefer Matt Holliday to Bay  by Matthew Cerrone
i have no idea what the Mets intend to do, but signing holliday would not surprise me… holliday is going to ask for a seven-year deal, probably worth around $18 million per season, i.e., the same deal signed by Mark Teixeira last winter… in the end, though, because of the market place, i  bet he has to  settle for five years, and more like $16 million per season, which i could see the Mets dishing out, considering Carlos Beltran is a free agent in two seasons…
Mack's Mets: Minors Stuff by Mack
Mets acquired first baseman Eddie Lora and outfielder Chris Carter as the players to be named later for Billy Wagner. The 20-year-old Lora batted .222/.287/.414 with three homers and seven RBI in 99 at-bats with the Red Sox's Gulf Coast League affiliate in rookie ball. It remains to be seen whether or not he'll make an impact at the big league level, but along with Carter, it's a solid enough return for a player who didn't factor into the Mets' plans for 2010.
Mets Merized: The Three Stooges Redux  by Doug Branch
(If Howard called the fans "customers" one more time, I was going to heave a live child at the TV. A customer is one who walks in interested in a purchase with the possibility of leaving on their own accord, and dignity in tact. A fan is someone that risks sky-high ticket prices, exorbitant concession costs, parking rip offs-which Howard was proud to say belonged to the Mets after many years going to the City, in hopes of seeing a professional baseball team in action.
Pick Me Up Some Mets: GaryKeithandRon year-end event video\  by pickmeup
 This past Saturday, Oct. 3, was the final Gary, Keith, and Ron event of the year. The GKR Elves began setting up at 9AM for this fantastic afternoon at the ball park. Not even pouring rain could dampen our spirits or our fun. Expect cameos from the Mets' Omir Santos, Howard Johnson, Ron Darling, Mr. Met, and more!
Hot Foot: Don't Move Home! by Andrew Beaton
Sure, the Mets hit only 95 home runs, which was  good (aka bad) enough for  fewest in the majors and the fewest  since only  popping  93  homers in  1992, but is that really a problem? Yes it can get boring as a fan, but it’s not as if Citi Field is causing this major hitting problem for the team, after  all they hit  better at home.   Add this to having a healthy middle of the order, and  the hitting at home isn’t looking half bad, plus with a healthy lineup those home run totals will go up.      
Amazin' Avenue: Productive Base Stealing And The Mets by James Kannengieser
During the Omar Minaya era (2005-present) the Mets have been one of the best baserunning teams in the game, especially when it comes to stealing bases.Unfortunately, stolen base success is not enough to make up for a lack of good hitting, evidenced by the 2009 Mets.   A team of Juan Pierres might steal a ton of bases but won't score many runs.   The Mets offense from 2006-2008 boasted a potent all-around attack: OBP, SLG, and valuable baserunning.   It's fair to imagine that the OBP and baserunning portions of the offense will have continued success in 2010, given the (expected) returning players' skill sets.   Let's hope the SLG portion picks up the slack.
Amazin' Avenue: Daniel Murphy's New Approach To Fastballs by Sam Page
The problem is that the approach he demonstrated in those months does not set him up well for future success. Murphy should swing at fastballs over the inside and middle of the plate, but at the cost of swinging at nearly everything else, it's probably not worth it. Hopefully next year he can use his natural batting eye to find a balance, in which stays patient on outside and even borderline pitches, while making high levels of contact on pitches in the zone.  
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