If you're at work and don't have too much time to read this, the next sentence is all you need to know about today's game.RA Dickey was pitching, it was raining, and the Mets as a team left 25 runners on base.Box Scores:mlb.comfangraphs.comAfter a quick first inning for both pitchers, the game quickly devolved into a slug fest. Ike hit another home run in the top of the second, the Braves countered with two off of the uncharacteristically bad RA Dickey, and the Mets blew a huge chance in the top of the 3rd. David Wright got thrown out at the plate on what was at best an overzealous go sign from Tim Teufel, and Lucas Duda couldn't capitalize on a bases loaded two out at bat.The 4th would be the calm before the storm, as the Braves outscored the Mets 8-3 from that point on, scoring two runs in each of the next four innings, I swear the even scored a few runs in the 9th and they didn't even bat.Keep reading for some assorted notes from the game.25 runners left on base, that is just poor. the main culprits were Lucas Duda and Josh Thole with four apiece, but all of the following left three on base: David Wright, Ike Davis, Jason Bay, Ronny Cedeno, Scott Hairston, Luis Castillo, Bobby Bonilla, and Gus Bell (50th anniversary!).The bright spot from this game was Captain Kirk in the lead-off spot, reaching base four times, and hitting 3/4 with a walk. He was the only Mets position player who stared today to not leave a runner on base. He may not be THIS good, but he is really making an impression, and maybe an Aaron Rowand comp. wouldn't be bad.Dickey just didn't have it today, 8 ER in just 4 1/3 IP. The rain clearly affected his ability to throw that knuckler effectively, and it was painfully obvious. I wouldn't look too far into this, probably just a bad start due to the weather.David Wright, pause... The guy can't miss right now, going 2/5 with 3 RBI, tying the Mets career record that was held by Darryl Strawberry. We can only hope that he can continue to hit at a level like this and either be extended (yay!) or traded for a huge haul (boooo hissss). Either way, the guy is on fire.Okay that's about it, i didn't catch the first few innings of the game, but boy was this one a mess. The Mets were still able to go 3-3 on the road trip against two good division rivals, so that's always good. We get the off-day tomorrow and then take on the Giants for a weekend series.