In a video post earlier today the Mets GM said the following regarding adding a player at the trading deadline.
“We have to see where we are at the time of the deadline or during the couple of weeks that lead up to it to really have a good sense of what our needs might be. Whether we need to fill in for a younger player or a veteran player or for someone that’s been injured. We’ve had a lot of injuries at SS for example during the last month or so and that might be an issue for us.”
The Mets indeed have had a lot of injuries at SS this year. No team in baseball has had more players play SS this season than the Mets with 6 (Tejada, Cedeno, Quintanilla, Turner, Valdespin & Wright). The next closest is the Brewers with 5 players followed by 3 teams ( Rockies, Indians & Pirates) with 4 players.Despite the injuries though the Mets have held their own for the most part offensively compared to the rest of MLB with the exception of categories like HR, RBI and Stolen Bases. The Mets coming into today are 11th in BA 8th in OBP 16th in SLG and 10th in Runs in all of MLB. The 16th in SLG is due to being 1st in MLB in Doubles cause they only have 1 HR and 0 triples so far this season.All things considered even with the injuries they've done better than expected I'd say but with Quintanilla playing with a fractured finger and no idea when Tejada now will be back they may need to decide to look for a SS before the trading deadline.