Trying to get back in baseball mode after a long weekend and I have to say the NY Post doesn't miss a beat when they want to spread rumors with little teeth in hopes that someone reads it.Today they issue a article that said "Team-sale fear for strapped Mr. Met". So of course you click on the link to read the article to see what sources it is using to believe such a thing as it's subtitle suggests only to come away asking if this goes for "investigative journalism" at the Post?The article's sources of info are
  • Investment bankers who sell sports teams
  • a source with direct knowledge of their finances
  • a second source with direct knowledge of the team's finances
  • sources
  • one analyst who knows the team's financials
  • a source with knowledge of their financials
Yes these are the sources used in the article. Now I can't say that these sources are wrong but maybe I can say that according to   sources the Mets financial struggles may not be as bad as some have speculated.In other words until some more concrete evidence surfaces I would be careful what sources say they know as fact.