Box ScoreEven if it is 12:30 in the morning, I will still bring you readers a high quality recap, because I love you guys.The Mets lost the home run derby to Carlos Gonzalez today, 18-9.In the first inning, the Mets were able to strike first on an odd play, in which David Wright was caught in a run-down, but was able to stay in it long enough for Captain Kirk to scamper home for the Mets' first run of the game. The Rockies however, would retaliate with an RBI ground-out from Carlos Gonzalez (this is going to be a theme), and a no doubt home run from Troy Tulowitzki.Chris Schwinden (more on him below), would then appear to settle into a groove, not allowing a run until the 5th inning. The Mets would even give him a four run lead, on a Scott Hairston solo home run, and a gaggle of hits in the 5th inning, headlined by Chris Schwinden's first career base hit.So, yeeeaaahh, uuum, about that whole using the phrases "Chris Schwinden" and "gaggle of hits" in the same sentence thing... The fifth inning was a disaster, as Colorado would score 11 runs, tying the record for most runs ever allowed in one inning by the Mets. It went error, walk, RBI single, Carlos Gonzalez three-run shot (yeah, the same one I told you about), single, single, walk, RBI force-out, error, Dexter Fowler home run, deep breath, walk, single, hit-by-pitch, single followed up by one of the most egregious errors I've seen in a while (better described in the Zach Lutz note below), and then these things called outs, there were two of those in a row or something. In recap: 11 runs, 4 errors, 3 pitchers, and 2 items thrown by Spencer.The Mets would then decide to not be merciful to us fans, and would not roll over. They would score three runs the next inning on a two-run cycle clinching double for Scott Hairston (more on that in his note below), and an RBI single for Lucas Duda. Ramon Ramirez came into the game, and in this inning did a good job of keeping the ball down, and getting a few of those out things that someone should tell Manny Acosta about.The 7th inning, was apparently the inning where the wheels came off (as Gary Cohen so beautifully put it), as Ramon Hernandez hit a grand slam, or in normal words a sign to give up and go to bed.Continue reading for some assorted notes from the game, because there was so much more to it than just what was in that recap (because I love you guys).I'm going to pretend that nothing happened in this game other than that Scott Hairston cycle, because that was pretty cool. It is nice to see a player like Scott, who is a hard worker and a good bench player, be able to accomplish something like that. We may see some more of Hairston as the season wears on if the Mets do not start hitting lefties better. Hat-tip to you, fine gentleman.You know how they say "replacement player?" Well welcome to Example A: Chris Schwinden. While most were not expecting Chris to dominate the Rockies, he certainly could have done better than what he did. One way to put it is that Schwinden had one hit, and that was one more hit than strikeouts he totaled for the game. He was remarkably predictable, throwing 82% of his pitches as either a cutter or a fastball. That may work in Triple-A, but MLB hitters are going to smack that around. pitch f/x shows that Chris got particularly hammered on inside fastballs, so that may be a good location to thrown some curves and change-ups next time out.Zach Lutz did not have a shining performance in his first MLB start. Playing clearly out of position at first base, Lutz recorded the aforementioned egregious throwing error, which cost the Mets at least one run. With the bases loaded, the Rockies hit a single. The ball was thrown to the plate, and cut off by a slightly out of position Zach Lutz, who then turned around and whipped one at Mike Nickeas' right thigh, needless to say, that ended up in a third run scoring. He also looked lost at the plate tonight, and although the helmet is still cool and all, he may want to start getting a few more of those hit things (by the way, he did get his first MLB hit tonight, or yesterday, whatever leave me alone I'm tired).I just have to mention Rubes because: 1.) I love him, he is my man crush, 2.) He had four hits, applause now, and 3.) He plays an extremely smooth and easy-to-watch shortstop, which is eye-candy to baseball purists like me.I do not like those Rockies. After each of their fifth inning home runs, both of Dexter Fowler and Carlos Gonzalez showed up the Mets' pitchers. On each one, the batter stood there, admired their hit, and then flipped their bat in a disrespectful manner. Look for some sort of retaliation to that tomorrow or Sunday.Hopefully the Mets can put this one behind them as Dillon Gee takes the mound tomorrow (today?) versus Jeremy Guthrie.