What else can be said?  Good start by Niese, down most of the game, lack of timely hitting when they could have won and left it to the bullpen for too many innings.  The Mets were down most of the game and came back to tie 3-3 in the 9th with chances there to win it as well.   A botched call at 1B stunted their chances and it became a battle of the pens, Mets lost.  After getting in and out of trouble in the 11th with a lead off walk  the same fate would not bestow Ramirez in the 12th.  Ramon allowed back to back singles, got the next two hitters including Kemp before allowing 5 runs (yeah, that will hurt your ERA in a hurry).   So the Mets get ready for 3 games vs Washington trying to climb back above .500.   But hey the good news is the Mets inserted a guy with even worse numbers than Batista in the rotation so that should be fun.   Now back to the standard whining about either Terry or the front office.