The Mets are 5-7-1 with around 18 games left to play this Spring.  Who cares about the record? Some of those wins were in the final innings with scrubs and some were taken away due to the same.  The Mets had a lot of questions coming into Spring Training.  We all have read, heard and been saturated with most of those problems, especially the situations at SS and 1B.  The problem is that with almost half of the Spring over with we aren't even close to solving those situations.  One could say that they haven't even started yet, or at worst they have been made worse. 

So far SS incumbent, (best name I could come up with for Tejada to keep the site clean), has been awful.  Sporting a .083 .154 .167 .321 in 13 PA with at least 4 errors and a few more coulda shouldve's we know are hearing rumblings that the reason he has played so poorly is because the Mets have mismanaged him and the poor kid is now nervous and has stage fright.  Are you serious?  He is a (or is supposed to be) a MLB player playing in NY.  If he can't handle the pressure that the team and the front office puts on him, asking him to perform at even a less than league average but not terrible level then he is the most mentally weak player I have ever seen.  Seriously, what have they ask him to do?  Be in shape, have some competitive fire and give a damn.  So no I don't blame Collins or Alderson for "ruining" Ruben, that's on himself.  However, I do blame Alderson for being in this situation to start with.  By the way, the only other true SS on the 40 man, Tovar,  was sent down after garnering 3 PA.

At 1B you have Josh Satin, Matt Clark and Brandon Allen battling it out for the 1B job, right?  24, 22 and 20 PA between the three.  No we all knew going in the decision was between Duda and Davis.  The two of them have 14 PA total and 5 appearances in the field.  Both have been sidelined by injuries so I can't fault the Mets in that regard but we can fault them for having to deal with both of them in the first place.  

So almost half way through, we have a mess at SS that could be considered to be even worse than when we started and we have two 1B who can't get on the field to even start their competition.  Also forget trading any of them, you would have to pay money to give any of them away at this point. 

Here's the kicker though, the same options to fix these two situations back in December are still there today.  This is what amazes me and why it's difficult as fans who just want things to get done.  The M's have a surplus in their infield.  A guy who as a rookie more than held his own in Franklin has no spot yet still remains.  The Dbacks have 102 SS and can only play 1, yet they all remain and Stephen Drew looks like his about ready to take his ball and go home. Is there really a chance with those 3 situations that the Mets start opening day with Ruben?  I honestly have no idea, it's about as 50/50 as possible and that to me is a terrible position to be in when you are trying to build chemistry and momentum for the season.  The same thing can be said for 1B.  It appears that about every likely landing spot for Ike is still available yet he can't get on the field enough to be traded.  Not only that but Kendrys Morales remains.  

At this point Boras can't be happy, representing both Drew and Morales and yet to receive a multi-year deal for either (that we know of) with both of them turning down a qualifying offer that might be more than they receive.  Both appear to be going down the Nelson Cruz avenue of minimizing their 2014 contract. 

Of course Alderson has to fuel the fire by throwing out the 90 wins gauntlet and the media runs with it as an actual quote instead of just the good will most likely behind the comment.  Then we have to have Wright asked 102 times about getting to the 90 wins and making the playoffs.  But I can't help but side with Wright's greedy side at times too.  What if the Mets were bold and the other teams and players were willing participants, often lost this time of year is fact that other parties have to be willing, but what fun would it be if we couldn't say "those damn Mets, why didn't they trade for or sign ______?".  But playing with that idea, what if the Mets budget was about 15M more?  At this point there is a chance you could sign Drew and Morales for 20-25M between the two and import Franklin for 2B.  That would allow you to trade Murphy, dump Davis and turn Tejada and Duda into bench players, saving almost 10M.   

How much more comfortable would you feel offensively and defensively with an infield of Morales, Franklin, Drew, and Wright?

Take a look at your lineup in some form or fashion.






C Young



Leaving a bench of 

Young, Satin, Duda, Tejada, and Recker

​What would all of this cost you?  A 3rd and 4th round pick, 15M~ and a decent pitching prospect.  Again all of this is in theory and I don't expect the Mets to actually do all of this.  But my question remains, how can you go into the off-season with your two major holes being 1B and SS and be half way through Spring Training and still be no closer or even further away from an answer?

We all know that I have supported the Alderson regime, however, this is inexcusable.  While I won't jump off the ledge yet because all those options still remain, I will consider this off-season a complete and total failure if Tejada and Davis are in the opening day lineup.  The time for action was then and now, somehow there's still time to fix this mess and it's time to get it done.