In a Tweet yesterday Buster Olney had the following to say: "An interesting possibility among the starting pitchers that the Mets are considering: Brett Myers, who is having a good season for HOU."Myers is indeed having a very good season for the Astros.   His contract is very reasonable: 10:$3.1M, :$8M mutual option ($2M buyout) (from Cot's Baseball Contracts) .Brett has been a very polarizing individual on TRDM.   Many readers are still appalled by his indefensible actions of   the past.   Some readers do not see the Mets front office bringing that type of player in.   Other readers see his value as a guy that can start but also can be a lock-down reliever. I think Lilly is still the best option for the Mets but Myers is indeed intriguing.   The fact that he can be had for little, cost little and has a reasonable option for next season moves him up on the list for sure.