Once again it’s time to get your daily dose of TRDM’s Mets in the Papers.Adam Rubin, "Virgin Islands' Morris Opens Eyes"
Now, nine months after the 18-year-old Morris was selected in the 10th round of the 2010 draft, the 6-foot-1, 170-pound right-hander is quietly, and rapidly, emerging as one the Mets’ best pitching prospects.
Zach Berman, "Mets Utility Player Willie Harris is Hungry for a Roster Spot"
Willie Harris is still trying to make a team. It’s at the very core of his ethos, starting with the way he arrives in the clubhouse each morning, the way he watches the game on the bench each day, the way he plays when he’s summoned to enter a game.
Mike Puma, "Mets to Tab Unheralded Hernandez for Second Base"
Disenchanted with what he has seen from Luis Castillo, Daniel Murphy, Brad Emaus and Justin Turner this spring, manager Terry Collins is preparing to name Luis Hernandez the starter at second base.
Reuters, "MLB Puts Restrictions on Team Debt: Report"
Major League Baseball has placed restrictions on the resale of debt issued by its teams in a bid to protect the New York Mets from being squeezed by investors.
Steve Popper, "Mets Vets All Aboard This Spring"
The willingness to ride along without a complaint from the likes of Reyes and David Wright, who also made the long trek, makes the job of first-year manager Terry Collins easier to handle. In his first spring with the Mets, Collins has changed policies, putting the high-priced and heralded talent on the bus.
Plenty of drama for your mama in Met land.  Case in point:
DPLennon Been away few days, but nothing changes w #Mets. Santana OK/not OK, new Castillo/Ollie twists by minute. Anyone in charge here?
Lennon is the winner of the Jackass of the Day Award, "Even with an overhaul of the front office, and a new manager, the team already is displaying the same indecision and chain-of-command issues that plagued the Omar Minaya/Jerry Manuel regime". I usually like Lennon and Steve Popper, who went a bit overboard with the Santana "Season in Jeopardy" article over the weekend.  It bothers me that even the "good guys" are joining the hate fest.  If the sports reporters are going to just speculate and make things up just to get the "depressed fan base" riled up, there's no need for them and their propoganda reporting.