This is a move that many have suspected all along.  It seems like the classic Mets move of buying low and hoping that a guy can return to form.  

Chris Young is a 30 year old RH OF who has experience in all three OF positions but has played CF most of his career.  Usually a plus defender, according to UZR he took a large step back last year but we have been fooled by that metric before.  I would assume he is still a strong defender.  According to reports he has been signed for a corner position leaving CF to Lagares and giving the Mets a current solid defensive OF pending future moves. 

Offensively, here's the tricky part.  He certainly is not an "Alderson" type guy.  Again proving that this entire notion of OBP is everything to this group is faulty from the beginning.  The Mets have had financial issues that have trumped any offensive philosophy they may or may not have had.  

Young's best year was 2010 for the D'backs posting a:

.257 .341 .452 .793 with 27 HR and 91 RBI and collecting 28 steals.  Those are good numbers that become great for a slick fielding CF.  However, as a RF those numbers would be much closer to average or even below.  Since then Young has failed to produce at that level again with a three year average of:

.225 .312 .412 .725 

Young has still had pop the last 2 years in a more limited role.  He has 14 and 12 HR in those 2 seasons with around 330 PA per season putting him on a similar pace as he was for his 27 HR season. 

 What remains puzzling is that his BABIP took almost a 40 point dive this year from his career average but his line drive percentage the last two years have been significantly above his average.

Is this a case of a guy who has just been unlucky?  The Mets certainly hope so.  I think this is a hedge signing.  Get it done early and still try to improve the other OF spot.  Having a guy like Cruz or Granderson or a true power threat OF to go with Young and uh... Young in the other spot gives you a decent 4 man rotation.  I think as well that Puello could be a guy that they are looking at as a potential replacement.  Perhaps come the deadline you can deal Young similar to Byrd and bring up Cesar for his replacement.  


So at that amount of cash it's clear he is here to start.  So your starting RF will be Chris Young. 

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