In an article in last night's New York Post,  JOSH KOSMAN and LENN ROBBINS, have named Steve Cohen as the front runner to invest in the Mets.Hedge funder Steve Cohen frontrunner to buy minority stake in Mets"Cohen wants it," a source familiar with his thinking said. "What he wants he gets. It's a trophy to him but not just a trophy. In time, it can be a real asset."You NYers perhaps know a lot more dirt on this guy.  I think it's interesting that while he may be a fine man, the Mets still can't get away from what seems like a media nightmare on every corner.  Why couldn't there be some guy out there with little to no baggage that had 250 million lying around?  Oh yeah, I guess those people either don't exist or have no reason to invest in the Mets.  Stay tuned.  If nothing else it looks like there is a line of people willing to invest and hopefully all of this is put behind us soon as also listed in the article was the following:"Their lawyer Karen Wagner told The Post, "While the Mets' owners have disputed the trustee's unfounded allegations, in the interest of putting this matter behind them they remain actively involved in mediation with Gov. Cuomo."