Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York writes a column today about how a 13 year-old Alex Rodriguez, now the Yankees' third baseman, idolized none other than Keith Hernandez when Mex was a Met.Of course, A-Rod almost became a Met prior to the 2001 season, but he and agent Scott Boras scared then-GM Steve Phillips and the Mets away with his list of demands.  Among them were:
  1. A tent in Spring Training for A-Rod Apparel and Merchandise.
  2. A personal suite in the stadium.
  3. A private office for his marketing representative to work during the day.
  4. Permission to use the team logo.
The situation prompted Phillips to hang the "24 + 1" label around A-Rod's neck like a noose.A-Rod would then sign with the Yankees Rangers, and the rest is history.