Box ScoreThe Mets lost to the Phillies 10-6 , and lost the series 2-1.Dillon Gee really matched Cliff Lee punch for punch tonight, allowing two earned runs, striking out five and walking just one. He continued to do what he has done all year, mixing in a lot of change-ups to offset his lack of a big-time fastball (although he seemed to be up a few ticks in velocity, depending on if the stadium gun was just hot or not). He threw 36% two-seamers, and 28% change-ups (per pitch f/x). The only bad pitch he made all night was a solo home-run to Ty Wigginton, Mets Troll ©.The Mets would score runs on another David Wright RBI hit in the first, on a play that GKR nearly jinxed by pronouncing Murphy safe before the relay throw ever occurred. Despite the unnecessary closeness of the play, Murphy was able to give the Mets an early lead. The Mets second and third runs came on a two-run homer, which was a result of me comparing him to Luis Castillo in the Real Dirty Dugout (you can send me a nice card Lucas). They would score a fourth on yet another Dude-bomb (about that card: I'll email you my address, unless you wanna' hand it to me in person Lucas).Speaking of Mets Trolls ©, Carlos Ruiz would ruin Gee's night by hitting a pinch-hit two-run home run off of Bobby Parnell, which would tie the game at three apiece. The poor relief pitching wouldn't end there, as Jon Rauch would put runners on the corners with no one out in the eighth, and allow a run to score on a Shane Victorino sac-fly.The bullpen would do what it tends to do, allowing a ton of runs in the ninth. Games like this are the ones that ruin the Mets' run differential, as they just sorta' punt them and let Chris Schwinden give up a ton of EXPLETIVE DELETED runs.The Mets would score two runs in the ninth off of former awful Met Raul Valdes, on a Dudebomb and an Andres Torres RBI double. The Phillies would have to bring in Jonathon Papelbon, who would surrender an RBI single to Daniel Murphy, making it 10-6 (and irritating yours truly because he just wanted to post this recap).Here are some notes from the game.I thought it was interesting that Terry brought Byrdak in to pitch the 9th, even though it wasn't just lefties. I guess this is the yearly "let's see if the lefty specialist can be more than a specialist" experiment, that never-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever works. Just let him do his thing Terry.Nice to see El Dude hit two out tonight, hopefully he can start hitting like he isn't Luis Castillo, that would be preferable.As Patrick Flood looked at a few weeks ago, Bobby Parnell does seem to tighten up in high-leverage spots. Tonight was a prime example of that, as even though it may not have been a hanger as Keith said (although he says that about every curve-ball that is put into play), it still caught a little too much plate.Two SNY broadcast related thoughts:
  1. I like the whole GKR in the crowd idea, I lobby doing it multiple times a year. We got to watch Gary Cohen watch a home run land 15 feet to his left, as he was calling it. He then noticed the fan dropped it, and tied that in to his home run call.
  2. The old score bug didn't bother me, and the new one doesn't either. So that's that.
Just remember that your life can be worse, you could be a Ranger pitcher (17-0 in the fourth as I write this). That is absolutely brutal, I can't imagine losing or winning by a margin that big.NEWS FLASH: Chris Schwinden is a terrible reliever as well as starter.Here are some discussion points:
  • How would you grade Dillon Gee this season?
  • If you could make one change to the pen, what would it be? (one silly and one serious if you would like)
  • Should Mejia be used in the pen long-term, or as a starter? This year?
The Mets have tomorrow off, and will start a four game series with the Cardinals on Friday with Johan Santana on the mound.