What trades, if any, do you see happening?-NJstuckinTX Every year as a fan, I’m excited for the trade deadline. If the Mets don’t add a player or two, I’m disappointed. In recent years however, not adding talent has been the prudent course of action. I think the Mets will deal for one or maybe two relief pitchers this year. I would not give up a good prospect for any reliever. The Mets bullpen is so bad, that Alderson can’t ignore it, even if he doesn’t have confidence that the team will continue to contend. The team may also look for a solid catcher that can compete with Josh Thole. Unfortunately I’m not sure if that player exists. I don’t see any major trades happening because I don’t think management thinks this is their year to play deep into October.  If Justin Upton was available, would it be right to trade for him?-srt Absolutely. Okay, maybe it is not that simple, but if he is available, he is a player the Mets should pursue. A 24 year-old, with an average season of 24 home runs, 18 steals and a .360 OBP and who has a reasonable cost-controlled contract through 2015. He is struggling this year, but I don’t see why his best years couldn’t be ahead of him. The problem is the haul the Diamondbacks would ask in return. I would be comfortable with giving up a package such as Harvey, Duda, Valdespin and Familia. I would not give up both Wheeler and Harvey. I don’t know if the package above would get the deal done. Even if it did, that is giving up a lot but to get a player like Upton. But there is no doubt it would be worth it  Does Bay have more than the next two weeks to show revitalization before being axed? Or does he get the rest of the year to show he is totally shot?-Stick Guy I think the Mets management knows they can’t expect anything positive out of Bay. He has had enough time to prove he can no longer hit at the rate he once did. Hopefully management and Collins understand he can’t start everyday just because he has a huge contract. He will continue to get a fair amount of playing time because the other options in the outfield aren’t very good. With any luck, Bay can put together a good month here and there and provide at least a some value. I’m skeptical but that is about as much as anyone can hope for at this point.  Should the Mets call up Matt Harvey now that Dillon Gee is out?John, NY I think Matt Harvey deserves a call-up to replace Gee. Harvey started off slow this year at Triple-A, but he has turned it on, now pitching to a 3.39 ERA for the full season and 2.72 ERA in his last 10 starts at Buffalo. He has also recorded over a strikeout per inning this season. Hearing many baseball analysts, including Keith Law talk about how Harvey he has pitched well enough to deserve a call-up. He is still a little wild, but his fastball is ready and he flashes 3 above other above average pitches and with more seasoning he will hopefully be more consistent. He deserves a chance over Miguel Batista because Batista provides very little short-term value, and zero long-term value for the team. Once he is called up, Harvey should stay in the Major League rotation for as long as his innings limit allows him. He should not be sent down, unless he is clearly over matched.