That headline is for you Fongy.Back to the more important story here.   It looks like according to the Fat Man (as I pointed out here:Market Comes Back to the Mets: Lackey, Bay and Holliday (Less Than Bay?) take that Matt) the Mets are ready to get into the big 3 sweepstakes and are starting their offer with Bay.   No report yet on what that offer will be.   What will be telling is if it is a good offer or not.   If it is a low offer then it may just be a marketing ploy to get Lackey or Holliday to lessen their demands or in the eyes of the conspiracy theory minded Mets fans a way to please the crowd.UPDATE: Ugh.   Lets hope this part is not true:   From Metsblog:Former GM Jim Bowden said on Twitter that the Mets may offer a five-year contract to free-agent OF Jason Bay, as the Red Sox are holding out on a four-year deal.UPDATE: 3:35 Rumor is that the offer is 4/65, slightly more than the Redsox offer of 4/60.   Could a 5th year option be in the works?