BuffaloNick Evans 3-5 HR, 2b, rbi (Very nice bounceback season for Evans who now has a 299/369/534-904 line on the year with 19 homers. Jerry has never appeared to be a big fan but I have a feeling someone else will be filling out the lineup cards in 2011....)Justin Turner 0-4 bb, 2 runsKirk Nieuwenhuis 2-5, 3b, 2 rbi (Kirk keeps on trucking. I hope the Mets exercise caution when it comes to Kirk as his K/BB is still a work in progress and I suspect they will with Fernando, Duda and Evans all as potential options)Lucas Duda 1-5 1 rbi (This was brought up on another site but the Mets really may be smart to see what Ike Davis can bring back in a trade. Don't get all crazy on me I don't intend on trading Ike but if the Mariners were willing to give up Cliff Lee for Ike, I think it might make some sense to see what YOUNG pitchers would be attainable with him as a key piece (Greinke? Cain? etc) I say this because the Mets have Duda who is putting up pretty large numbers AND 1b is a position which can normally be found via FA/trade)Fernando Nieve 6 innings 8 hits 4 runs 2 walks 7 k'sSean Green 2 innings 2 hits 0 runs 1 walk 2 k'sBingJordany Valdespin 1-4Josh Satin 3-3  homer, 2 rbi (should be promoted to AAA soon)Sean Ratliff 1-3 homer, rbi (breakout year, K's still a major issue)Eddie Kunz 0.0 innings 2 hits 2 runs (B.... U.....S.....T....)St LucieGame-1Eric Campbell 1-3 (rehab)Rafael Fernandez 1-3, REric Beaulac 5 innings 2 hits 3 R/2ER 4 walks 3 k'sGame-2Stefan Welch 1-3 rbiEric Campbell 1-2 2 runs scored, bbRafael Fernandez 1-2 2 runs, 2b, rbiBrandon Moore 5.1 innings 6 hits 3 r/2 er 4 walks 4 k'sBKDarrell Ceciliani 0-3 walk, runCory Vaughn 1-4, 2bJoseph Bonfe 3-4Blake Forsythe 3-4 double (good to see from the 2010 pick)JB Brown 1-1 rbi, walkAngel Cuan 6 innings 7 hits 4 runs 3 walks 7 k'sKingsport-Chase Greene 1-5ZeErika McQueen 1-5, double, rbiAderlin Rodriguez 2-5, run scoredIsmael Tijerina 1-3 walk, 2 rbiEduardo Aldama 5 innings 9 hits 7 runs 0 walks 6 k's (one of our most disappointing prospects this year)GCL-Alexander Sanchez 2-3, double, tripleDomingo Tapia 5 innings 5 hits 1 run 2 walks 1 kCarlos Vazquez 4 innings 1 hit 0 runs 1 walk 4 k's